Introduction to Inner Light Consciousness

Inner Light Consciousness is a guided experience in spiritual evolution.

Both the name of the course and its content are attempts to express the teachings of those men so accomplished in the mastery of themselves and the laws of the universe, that they were able to accomplish things that other men called miracles.  These men commonly referred to a “light within” and suggested to their followers that every man has this Inner Light; they also suggested that if a man becomes conscious of this light, and lets this light shine, he too can do the works of God that would reveal the presence of God in the universe, letting the man fade from sight.   Inner Light Consciousness is based on the belief that becoming conscious of this Inner Light causes it to grow, and through giving attention to this light we make the light available to light our own path and the path of those around us for as long or as often as we are conscious of it. 

In recent years so much has been published in the field of parapsychology that hardly anyone doubts the existence of ESP or Higher Sense Perception, Telepathy and Thought Transference.

So many books have been published heralding, and in some cases authenticating the work of various psychics, mediums, prophets and healers, that most people at least recognize the possibility that such higher gifts exist to some degree of validity.  Indeed we find that mankind throughout time and in all literature has been intrigued with the idea of the existence of ESP, telepathy and spiritual gifts.  In the present times, the majority of those who claim disbelief only do so publicly while often coming privately for consultation.  So our problem in this field is seldom to prove the existence of such phenomena anymore; the major concern now is whether it can be developed by just anyone, and if so, should it be developed? What are the dangers?  How can I develop my abilities, assuming that I have them?

Inner Light Consciousness is often described as a course in spiritual unfoldment and psychic development.  Let's explore the meaning of these terms and further describe what we mean by psychic and spiritual development and what you can expect to accomplish with this guided experience.  Spiritual unfoldment may be defined, for our purposes, as the effective handling of karma or the lessons of life, and the subsequent growth and development of the soul.  Psychic development will be defined as the efficient use of the tools of the psyche, the spirit, for this purpose.

As briefly as can be stated, we expect to reveal ways to make better use of the mind at subtler levels than we are normally aware of.  As stated in the title of our course, we believe there is an Inner Guiding Light which is a center of understanding and guidance, and which when we become aware of it, or better yet, continuously conscious of it, it begins to grow and become more effective as a guiding force.  We further believe that this center is developed and used for communication as well as for memory and learning. It is our purpose to assist you in discovering or becoming conscious of this center, and to become conscious of it in such a way that it becomes a light in your life, available to shed light upon anything, of whatever nature, that you need to see or understand better.

Throughout this course we will refer to the wisdom and teachings of the ancient masters, in particular the teachings of Jesus the Christ, and for this reason the course is often thought of as religion or an interpretation of a religious concept.  You'll find, however, that in using the teachings of the Christ we have taken very deliberately a non-sectarian if not non-religious view, and an interpretation, which is practical and scientific in nature. Our purpose in quoting from these ancient masters is to acknowledge that the idea of an Inner Guiding Light is not new, nor is the development or use or teachings about this light our invention.  Also, our references to the teachings of the Master should in no way weaken or change your religious views, whatever they may be.  We seek only to make your problem-solving methods more efficient and to add a new depth of meaning to your religion and a new respect for Christ as a very practical realistic teacher.

Throughout history we find accounts of men who developed and used talents, powers, abilities, and intelligence so far beyond the norm that their accomplishments were considered miracles. Intelligent men can no longer doubt the existence of telepathic communication or thought transference in the light of recent experiments of eminent parapsychologists.  Neither can it be denied that a major consideration, if not the major consideration in all forms of healing, is the state of mind, emotion or spirit of the patient; even the effectiveness of prayer as an observable provable force has been demonstrated.  Then, if any of these statements is accurate, if any man has ever accomplished what appeared to be miracles ­ whether of healing, of telepathic communication or clairvoyance, of prophecy or of guidance through intuition or intuitive powers or answered prayer ­ then it is reasonable to assume that there are natural laws to govern such activity.  In fact, we would like to assume that all the miracles or extraordinary happenings in mythology and in the Bible and traditional religious literature, did, in fact, take place, and as nearly as could be determined by observation, they took place exactly as the writers described them.

The fact is, that there are in recent reports of even the most respected witnesses and sober minds, accounts of events no less astounding than the greatest of miracles, so there is no sensible reason for doubting the occurrence of either the Biblical or modern miracles. It is, however, irrational to assume that these occurred in spite of, or in violation of the natural laws which govern such occurrence ­ which of course leads us to believe that there are laws (natural laws) to govern clairvoyance, mental telepathy, spiritual healing and spiritual guidance, prayer and creative thinking.

It would seem that there are three possible views that can be taken concerning these accounts of miracles or supernatural occurrences.

One is, that certain men throughout history have been in some way extraordinary or supernatural, especially favored by God, and not subject to the same laws as the rest of us poor mortals.

A second view is, that these reported incidents did not occur at all, or are greatly exaggerated accounts. And a third view is, that the occurrences are extraordinary applications of natural law, and that certain ordinary men became extraordinary simply by learning to apply laws or systems not yet understood by other people.  Obviously the first view is defeatist because it begins by presupposing that there are, or have been, men greater than we are; men who were capable of accomplishing things we cannot accomplish because they were immortal.

Jesus Christ Himself showed disdain for such a view in His statement, “All these things I do shall ye do and greater shall ye do, because I go to the Father.”  [Paraphrased from King James Version - KJV John 14]  So any man who will accept such limitations is defeated before he begins to fight.

The second view is ridiculously naïve. Any person who would reject the accumulation of centuries of evidence will gain nothing by listening to my argument or as Jesus said: “Neither would they believe though one should return from the dead.”   *Parable of Lazarus."

The third view implies that you and I can learn to work miracles, and I like that.  What is more, I believe that.  And the purpose of this course is to teach you to live your life and handle your problems in such an efficient way as to appear miraculous.

Because of the nature of this course and the lack of established or provable laws of this field, we will deal often with metaphysical concepts and/or theories.  Much of the material can be regarded as established and observable law, having been demonstrated or proven in controlled experiments.  We will attempt to differentiate throughout between that which is theory, or offered only as a possible explanation, and that which has been observed in controlled experiments.

It is also sometimes important to consider the metaphysical descriptions and theories as metaphoric rather than as literal.  These concepts are offered only as attempts to put into words those ideas for which we have no point of reference; however, in spite of the fact that these are metaphor, or not to be taken literally, they can be invaluable in gaining insight into our purpose on earth, and the possibilities of developing our potential.  In attempting to understand and apply a law or a set of laws, the wise student will research and discover the conditions that existed in the formation of such laws and the reason for their creation.

We would like, in introducing you to Inner Light Consciousness, to explore the conditions that seem to have formed these laws.  Inner Light Consciousness is a collection of techniques designed to bring man to full awareness of his highest capabilities. As a technique or set of techniques, Inner Light Consciousness is not dependent upon the acceptance of any dogma or philosophy for its application.  The techniques are applications of perfect laws and work every time for anyone who applies them correctly, regardless of their religious or philosophical persuasion; therefore, the following discourse is an attempt only to gain a better understanding of the working of these Universal Laws and not an attempt to advance or promote theological concepts.

The formation of the laws of Inner Light Consciousness are inextricably involved with the creation and development of man.  In attempting to describe that creation and development let’s theorize that in the beginning there existed a prime central stillness.  It is impossible for the human mind to go beyond the idea of energy.  Even stillness becomes energy by the fact of its existence. The fact that it exists gives it definition and anything with definition is an energy.  Anything that can draw attention to itself is an energy. Therefore, nothing can exist without being an energy force of some sort, even within the imagination, so even prime central stillness became an energy.

This energy within, the original void of central stillness, could well be described as peace: peace that would manifest itself as the stillest of stillness at a point in the center of prime central stillness.  In a void such as this, it seems likely that all is completely dark.  Peace as energy then becomes a pinpoint of light in the heart of all darkness.  This pinpoint of light we call peace, could not or would not expand, being complete and satisfied within itself.  But a need to expand would take on the characteristics of love, that is, the desire to expand, to give of myself, taking more into myself for expansion, is love manifest.  This tiny spark of Divine Light, in its need to express love, would build around itself spark after spark of light build purely out of itself, which is manifest love.

Now, we would find love and peace, in expanding, manifesting as a Great Central Sun; the only energies expressing in the universe, but surrounded by dark and cold that are the very expression of their existence.  Notice that light and love, peace and warmth could only manifest by contrasting themselves with dark, cold, and chaos.  Now visualize the activity as the Central Sun continues to manifest ad grow.  If we call this Central Sun, this shining ball of warmth, love, peace and light by His traditional name, in our culture that is God, then we can say that constantly out of the center of the Sun, or out of the very heart of God, there constantly cycles, sparks of love, sparks of Himself, flying away from the surface of this great sun into the darkest reaches of the universe, in a continuing effort of growth, because of the expansive nature of love filling all the darkness with light.

Does it not seem likely, that these blazing sparks of light would identify with the Sun in the beginning of their journey, knowing themselves to be sparks of the Sun or Sons of God?  But see what happens in their journey out into the far reaches of the universe as they grow farther and farther from the Central Sun and farther from one another.  It is their mission in flying out into the darkness, to overcome the darkness with their light, filling the darkness with light.  And yet, as they grow farther from the Central Sun and farther from one another, every spark soon is surrounded with cold and darkness. 

At the heart, each is still warmth and light, the nature of the Central Sun, the very nature of God Himself.  But more and more dark accumulates until the sparks of God and the sparks of light in looking toward one another see only the surrounding dark and cold; looking outward rather than into the self, they see surrounding them only dark and cold and begin to identify with it.  No longer can they look and see warmth and light and love, seeing only the dark and cold they lose awareness or consciousness of the Inner Light that is the very nature of God Himself.  Not knowing themselves any longer to be God, they begin to call themselves by the name of the surrounding dark and cold: they call themselves man. Adam is an attempt to describe the shell of dark and cold and separation but man comes to accept it as the definition of what he really is.

Then, Inner Light Consciousness is not an attempt to give you any new or mystical powers or even to teach you new things, but only to awaken you to who you really are by making you conscious of that Inner Light, the nature of God within you. Take these statements of the Christ that seem to say it so well.  “I will bring to thine remembrance all things, whatsoever you have need of, from the very foundation of the world.”  And His quote from the Psalms, “What, know ye not that ye are Gods and Sons of the most high God.” The Christ, the light, the nature of God within will bring remembrance.

Is it not true, that only that that we have been aware of can be brought to remembrance? And does this not indicate that you were there at creation, the foundation of the world?  Continuing the metaphor, the analogy of a spark losing itself in matter, we can see the process continuing from birth to the present.  Consider for a moment what you think of yourself.  Do you consider yourself particularly intelligent, average, below average?  Are you physically attractive?  Are you confident and poised or shy?  Where do you get these ideas about yourself?  Who made your personality?  On close examination, we might soon discover that our personality, the tool that is often accepted as our identity and even our self-image, is not our own, but is a set of impressions imposed upon us by our parents, our friends, associates and society. 

If we think ourselves to be unattractive, it is likely the result of other people’s reactions to our physical appearance.  If we think we are slow to learn, it is likely the result of our teachers’ or our parents’ assessment of our ability.  Even the strength or weakness in the physical is often the result of praise or criticism, however well-intended.  Susceptibility to illness can be the results of such comments as “Suzie always gets a cold this time of year and she has such a hard time shaking it,” “Johnny has always been a sickly child,” or “I don¹t know what is wrong with her, she just fights all the time.”  Notice here, and in your own life, that we begin with the true essence and identity, the true self, but in growing up, we build around it a false image of limitations: identification with descriptions and opinions of ourselves borrowed from others, and beliefs that become a whole personality or a false self, which we accept and function within as if it were really ourselves.

This then might suffice to explain why we accept limitations and why we don¹t experience the use of higher or less-limited senses and abilities. But how can we correct it? How can we overcome the limitations and contact the spark of life, the presence of God within, or the higher mind or whatever has these capabilities of performing functions of communications and awareness not available to the conscious mind?

To help understand the mechanics or structure of consciousness involved in opening these contacts, let's make a diagram of three distinct levels of mind that seem to operate in man.  I should point out that there are apparently many levels of mind suited to different functions according to researchers, but for the present purpose these three seem to identify three separate distinct selves as a natural separation.

First of all, we will draw a circle and label it “The Conscious Self.”  In this self, this level of mind, we are involved in activity.  Our information comes from the senses and their interpretations of our environment.  The whole purpose of this level of mind seems to be action and reaction.  It gathers and uses information, either acting upon it or sending it to memory storage banks. This level of mind is not creative and has no memory.  It deals with immediate situations at hand.  To illustrate the lack of memory at this conscious level, let me describe a situation that may have happened to you.

You are walking down the street and you meet a friend unexpectedly, someone you know very well, but you realize when you speak to him that his name doesn't come to mind.  A bit of panic seizes you as you try to recall his name, which you know so well.  The more you try, the more difficult it becomes.  You carry on a brief, strained conversation, embarrassed all the while, and then feel a sense of relief as he walks away.  Only a step or two after he is gone you relax and suddenly there it is.  Of course! That’s his name!  Why did it happen?  Look at it this way.

The purpose of the Conscious Mind is to deal with activity and situations immediately at hand.  If this level of mind were constantly flooded with files of all the information you have ever encountered, you would be too distracted to deal with reality and situations at the present.  A child learns early in life to put out of his mind information learned or observed but not useful at the moment.  In this way memory storage banks are created, a whole new self, a whole level of mind that we call the Subconscious.

Then, let's draw another circle below the Conscious Mind and label it Subconscious.  Here we find memory storage banks and an incredible complex automatic computer system.  For example, body functions are remembered and even put into action without dependence upon conscious thought.  Imagine having to consciously remember to breathe!  Subconscious memory often comes to the surface, to consciousness, as a package.  An impression of a person or a place just encountered may be formed from a complex of past experiences, but we don¹t individually recall each of those experiences and consciously put them together.

So, you can see that it is almost as if the Subconscious Self has a mind of its own.  The extent of these memory storage banks becomes apparent when the blocks or the doors between the Subconscious or the Conscious Mind becomes open, as in hypnosis.  We find then, that everything the individual has ever encountered and become aware of is part of his memory.  Every incident, all the way back to his birth, is still recorded and available in his memory storage banks and even beyond.  Details of lives that some interpret as past life experiences on earth are available through the memory storage banks.

  Whether these memories are evidence of reincarnation depends largely upon whether or not you believe in reincarnation.

It could be what is called race memory, telepathy or other things, but the fact is, they exist and appear as memory in complete detail.  Imagine then the value of being able to tap this vast knowledge at will and draw upon it and use all this information.  The repression of painful memories as well as simple laziness and improper filing of memories have made this natural wealth of knowledge unavailable to most of us until we are especially trained to use this amazing capacity of our own minds.

There is a third self we should know about. There is an ability, apparently existent in every man, that is little known but has the following qualities. A survival mechanism comes into operation in times of stress and emergency that often provides information seeming to come from inexplicable sources ­ information not known to the Conscious Mind -nor part of the memory.  Hunches fit into this category; premonitions, warnings, whether in dreams or feelings, these come from a different part or attribute of the Mind than the Conscious or Subconscious,… and in that place is Creativity.

Creativity cannot come from action or activity in the world around us.  By definition, an original thought is not precipitated by learned experience.

  It flows from a more nebulous source than the conscious mind.  It could not come from memory, combinations of memories, or it would not, by definition, be creative.  It must come from a point of original thought.  Creation is an attribute of God.  It is an activity of God.  Creativity may well be our closest commonly recognized link with our God-self, our original self, the spark of God within.

Then there is innate healing awareness, a mechanism that exists in every human that if listened to will provide all the knowledge that is needed to correct any condition of the physical body, including creation of urges and cravings for substances needed in the body.  This innate healing awareness is often dulled, unfortunately, by the tendency learned early in life to listen to the appetites or the pleasures of the senses,  the tendency to think that if a little of a thing is good, then a lot must be better.  Like the still, small voice of God, we often trained this healing awareness to be quiet because we would rather listen to the pleasures of those senses.

Another ability of the Mind can be found in self-psychoanalysis through the facility of dreams.  A faculty of Mind is ever present that gives guidance, showing a great deal of precognition through dreams.  All these functions we can attribute to a third or higher level of mind, a higher self which we will call the Superconscious.

Here then we have a description of three selves of man.  Each has a different purpose and function and if integrated, with each performing its function at the conscious will of the man, they will produce a superior being, one having all the functions of spirit or the Superconscious Mind, which is the nature of God, a guiding force; with memory of all details as the scripture says, “from the foundations of the world.”  Then if these exist, and experiments and incidents show that they do, how can they be tapped? Turning again to religious terminology, we find the expression of new birth, and perhaps through this expression and description a man might best understand how to contact or make alive this highest level, this Holy Spirit, which is the Superconscious Mind, - [and] that which rules, governs the Superconscious Mind.  And which if it becomes the active or guiding force, the Lord of the Life would have at His disposal the Subconscious Mind with its memory storage banks, and if acting in harmony with the conscious will of the man would produce a God-realized being.  So, how does this new birth take place?

Whether in the most fundamental literature, or in that of the metaphysician, the requirements, if closely examined, seem to be identical. That is ­ new birth requires the giving of self, the will of self, to the highest that is within, or the God-self, giving birth, giving recognition, giving life to God within, producing an awareness, a consciousness of a Holy Spirit within which becomes an Inner Light, a guiding light.

The prayer that precipitates new birth might best be expressed as simply as the following. " I have, in running the activities of my life, using only the tools of my Conscious Self, made a mess of my life and my opportunities, or at least have lived a very limited existence in comparison with that which I could be if I had those facilities that are described as the Subconscious memory and the Superconscious Mind.  Therefore, seeing that my Conscious Self, my limited consciousness, my lower self, has functioned so poorly as a ruler of my life, I now call upon and request that you, God in me, become rule, Lord of my life.

As we purposefully give responsibility for guidance, leadership, decisions, rulership of life, to what we recognize as Christ within, a God-self, we have accomplished Inner Light Consciousness. We have become conscious of an inner guiding light and assigned to it responsibility for our guidance and decision-making.  A metaphor, appropriate to describe the man who has awakened the inner light, would be found in the comparison with a light bulb, a frosted bulb.  When not switched on, a bulb is useless and is seen only as itself. It is never called a light. However, when tuned into the power source and turned on, it is never again referred to as a bulb, but is referred to as a light.  We borrow this illustration from the Christ in his remark in Mark 5:14,

Let your light so shine before men that it will glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”  Notice his analogy, “Let your light so shine,” that your bulb will disappear.  Only the light will show, the light of your Father, which is in Heaven or within you.  Now, if this light then is within and is the light of the Father and has those abilities that we have spoken of, of the survival mechanism, the ability to give warnings and prophecy and leadership and guidance and to know the thought of others,- where those thoughts are needed for the progress of self, or others, - and of healing, all of these things are of the nature of God and God is within.

How do we tap this Source?  Now, remember that everything in God’s universe operates according to God’s Divine Laws, including God, which means that men throughout history have been able to tap this God-force and to use it, because of the natural laws by which it is governed.  And following with the analogy of the spark of the Central Sun surrounded by darkness and cold and identifying with the darkness and cold, we find ourselves in this position.

From birth we have given our consciousness, our Conscious Mind, to dealing with and learning from those awarenesses that come to us by means of our five senses. Indeed, our whole contact with our world depends on information fed into us through the five senses. The senses, then, those tools of the body, the physical, the flesh, those tools of this plane, are the mechanisms, the abilities, the tools that we have given our attention to. We have fed them. We have developed their use. We have become dependent upon them. Is it any wonder then that the five senses, the outer senses, are so strong, and the psychic or the spiritual so weak and hidden that men even doubt their existence. It is not a wonder; it is obvious that it would be so.

It follows, then, if we are to reverse this trend and learn to use the inner senses, the higher self, the Superconscious self, it will require that we turn off the outer self of the five senses. We must get them out of the way. Why? Because in the outer levels of consciousness, with the eyes open and an awareness of things going on around about us, we obviously will be distracted by that being fed through the five senses.

In the outer levels of Mind, that which is called Beta, the brain is very active, moving quickly 14 to 21 cycles per second or even more. At 14 to 21 times each second, the brain emits a positive charge followed by a negative charge, thus completing one cycle, 21 times a minute. Busy, busy, taking in, processing, reacting to the information taken in by the five senses. But we find that when the eyes are closed, those brain wave levels immediately begin to slow.

As the attention, the consciousness, is turned away from the feedback concerning the outer world and our surroundings, and as we become less aware of our surroundings through having our eyes closed, the muscles begin to relax, the brain wave rhythms begin to slow down as do circulation, pulse, respiration, and body temperature, until the brain waves reach a level that has been labeled Alpha ­ 7 to 14 cycles per second, a restful and receptive state where the consciousness turns to the things inside, no longer dealing with the immediate surrounding area or environment. Our mind is allowed then to turn to things inward, restful, receptive, able then to come in contact with concepts and symbols, able to be freed from the cares of the outer world.

Now because we are using the terminology of brain wave rhythms, and Alpha levels and so on, there may be suspicions that we are going into such things as mind control and hypnosis. But mind this: there is not a method of meditation taught anywhere that does not seek to produce a slowing down of the body functions, a detachment from the activities of the outer world around us, and the turning within. We might just as well understand the physiological changes that take place within this, so that we produce these things deliberately, according to law rather than by superstition. And let those who would condemn the techniques open to an understanding that all rituals, methods for entering this state, are techniques. The use of techniques does not require the setting aside of God or His purposes.

There are two lower levels of consciousness ­ Theta, spoken of as 3 or 4 to 7 cycles per second, and Delta, 0 to 1/2 to 4 cycles per second. Theta, most commonly entered into in the sleep state, a subconscious state. Delta, an unconscious state, without consciousness at all, a dreamless state, the state of coma.

Now more important than any of these four levels of brain waves is the understanding of the fact that Mind is not biological. Mind does not depend upon biological functions, but rather uses biological functions to operate a biological mechanism. Then, more important than these four levels of brain waves is the understanding that in closing the eyes, slowing down these rhythms and turning within, we can not only reach any one of these four levels that we wish to reach, but we can release ourselves from any of these levels, the biological levels, and enter into that state of Super Consciousness that is a visit with God, as spoken of in the Book of Revelations 3:20, “Behold I stand at the door and knock. If any man will hear the voice and open the door, I will come in and sup with him and he with me”.

Now, the main difference between this study, this experience of Inner Light Consciousness and that of mind control, or Transcendental meditation techniques, or others, is the purpose and direction of the mind or the consciousness in entering into a relaxed state. That is, we can easily enough use hypnotic techniques or visualization techniques or other techniques for slowing down the consciousness, the brain wave rhythms, the circulation patterns, and enter into a deeper, more restful state.

And the techniques will indeed work. But the essential factor in whether or not we achieve what is known as God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, will be where we aim. Set the ideal, direct the consciousness in the application of these techniques. If we apply the techniques alone, we merely reach a restful, receptive state in which we can release ourselves from many of the limitations of consciousness. But if the purpose is communication with God and opening to God Consciousness, if during the process of relaxation and turning within, our mind, our eye, is focused upon the purpose of higher consciousness, of God, we will open to this state of consciousness, this level and become receptive to it.

Inner Light Consciousness will make use of techniques of directing the thoughts to newer, higher levels of Mind, while biologically the brain is reaching deeper, slower rates of brain wave rhythms. The physical world will slow down. The mind will be released to new heights using the illustrations, the techniques of the Christ.

We will begin first with those methods of relaxing and setting aside the physical body so that we can enter into the inner Temple of the Holy Spirit, setting all that is outer, of the earth, aside. Setting all this aside, enter into the inner kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven. We will learn a technique for focusing the mind on a central point, that point will be an awareness of God. We will then learn a path to elevate the consciousness, to enter the Temple of the Holy Spirit. That Temple built within us and housing that consciousness we have given birth to, the Holy Spirit within.

We will experience techniques of addressing prayer, a request, a question to a specific power for a specific purpose, and we will learn how properly to set that prayer into action and how to receive a specific answer, understanding, knowing. Definite techniques not promised techniques, but experiences in the use of prayer. We will experience the use, interpretation, realization of dreams, the communication of spirit in times of sleep for our guidance. We will study and learn to apply the experience of God’s laws of healing on all three levels, physical, mental and spiritual. Then we will learn through the Laws of Love, experiences of non-verbal communication with others.

May God bless you as you embark on this new experience.

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- CD 4 A Seperate Reality (Lecture & Experience) Developing Your Subtler Sences (Lecture)
- CD 5 The Seven Terraces To Higher Consciousness (Lecture)
- CD 6 The Seven Terraces To Higher Consciousness (Experience)
Drawing Your Seven Terraces (Lecture)
Calling The name Of God (Lecture)
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Calling The name Of God (Experience)
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