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Welcome to an Adventure in Spiritual Growth through the Work & Teachings of Paul Solomon
According to Paul the first step in spiritual growth is taking responsibility for self - letting go of victim consciousness and becoming responsible for all you experience. The following Books and CDs go beyond the physical senses to the subtler planes to help you master your emotions and discipline your mind.

Paul had the ability to present complex metaphysical concepts in a way that everyone could understand, as you study this work, you will find it is as if the lectures grow with you. Of course the words themselves don't change, but as you grow, you will find wisdom in these teachings that you have never heard before. Many have found that whatever CD they select at a given moment is in response to their most pressing question. We pray that you, too, will experience the blessings of these Teachings.

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Paul Solomon Audio CD Albums

The following are a collection of Paul's best workshops and lectures where he provides live instruction and guidance to rapt audiences.

The first and most important CD album is Inner Light Consciousness. ILC truly is consciuosness of the Inner Light, the God within, and that quest for awareness is the chief focus of all of Paul's work. This workshop is supplied on 8 CDs with an instructions booklet in a hard plastic CD presentation case.

The second workshop is The Self Esteem Survival Kit, one of our most popular workshops - Change your self talk; Change your mind; Change your life... As with the ILC set, this workshop is supplied on 8 CDs with an instructions booklet in a hard plastic CD presentation case.

All of the other workshops are available on physical CDs + S&H (Getting very expensive!) but also as Instant Audio Downloads.

For the downloads, on placing your order you will recieve a link where you can download your audio files right away - saving money and no waiting for the post!

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Inner Light Consciousness

Paul Solomon introduces a meditation practice that can of literally change your life. While most techniques produce a state of relaxation, Inner Light Consciousness goes beyond relaxation to tap the hidden powers of mind.

For a more detailed introduction to ILC click here.

PS182 Inner Light Consciousness - An eight CD set with instructional booklet €64.95 + S&H

The Self Esteem Survival Kit
Change your self talk; Change your mind; Change your life...

The Self-Esteem Survival Kit is a truly revolutionary program that helps break through the negative social and family conditioning that leads to poor self-image, substance abuse, co-dependency, marital problems, and business failure. If you've never had supportive statements made about yourself, this is the survival kit that may save your life. How is this possible?

This life-changing program works directly with your sub­conscious mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps, which creates your dreams, and often makes you act in ways you do not comprehend. Eight CDs help change past negative programming by:
- Applying the ancient art of mantramic repetition of supportive words and phrases to restructure the thinking process.
Eliminating & erasing self-defeating negative beliefs and attitudes about yourself, your body, and your actions.
- Overcoming automatic pilot  emotional reactions.
- Changing fear thoughts into Life- Supporting Thoughts, the secret for building your new self-image.

For a more detailed overview of The Self-Esteem Survival Kit click here.

PS200 The Self-Esteem Survival Kit - An eight CD set
with new instructional booklet €74.95

PS121 The Bible: A Textbook for a Mystery School

Old Testament Symbology

Everything you wanted to know about the Bible but were afraid to ask...

Paul Solomon brings the Old Testament "alive" in this 18 hour spectacular of hidden meanings, controversies and mysticism. Open your eyes to new intrepretations of "Sunday school" Bible stories you never knew existed! Create your own Bible dictionary of symbols and allegories and renew your spiritual heritage!

For a more detailed overview to The Bible: A Textbook for a Mystery School -
click here.

PS401 The Bible: A Textbook for a Mystery School

PS121The Book of the Revelation

An Ancient Manuscript Finally Yields It's Secrets!

The Revelation Workshop unlocks the secrets of The Last Apostle. The Seals of numeric and symbolic codes are opened, and the truths hidden in all Sacred Scripture are revealed as Paul Solomon unlocks the keys to one of the most spectacular books ever written!

The workshop consists of nine "Tracks" with a total running time of over seven and a half hours

For a more detailed overview of the workshop and it's contents - click here.

PS121AD The Book of the Revelation - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €40.00

The Trail of the Mystery Schools

God is revealed in the Wisdom Teachings of religions and cultures throughout history, Paul believed. By studying the many myths, legends, teachings and beliefs we can grow in our own experiential, personal relationship with Source.

In these Advanced Study CDs recorded at a workshop of the Wrekin Trust in England, Paul reveals keys to some of the greatest teachings of the Mystery Tradition and explains their relevance to us in the world today.

For a more detailed overview to The Trail of the Mystery Schools
click here.

PS157AD The Trail of the Mystery Schools - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €50.00


The Meta Human

You Can Be More Than Average.
A clear look at what you could be. A clear direction for becoming all you can be. A catalyst for transformation.
History has known three "kinds" or qualities of humans.

- The Average Human
- The Possible Human
- The Meta Human

For a more detailed overview of The Meta Human click here.

PS163AD The Meta Human - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €18.00




The Qabalah - A Mystical Science

The Hebrew Mysteries are threads of philosophy that attempt to communicate ancient scientific wisdom. The Qabalistic "Tree of Life," the backbone of these arcane mysteries, reveal the workings of cause/effect nature of the universe.

For a more detailed overview of The Qabalah - A Mystical Science click here.

PS122AD The Qabalah - A Mystical Science - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €60.00

The Way That Is Certain
A Prosperity Plan for Today

There is an exact science to becoming abundant and "getting rich.' In this workshop, Paul Solomon explains practical methods of The Way That Is Certain To prosperity.  You will learn about the Universal Laws that allow money and prosperity to flow into your life.  No matter what your current job or income, this Way That Is certain will show you how to increase your abundance.

For a more detailed overview of The Way That Is Certain click here.

PS186AD The Way That Is Certain - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €40.00

Mystic Astrology - The Teachers

The planets in the heavens are the result of movements of the Mind of God. And if instead of seeing Astrology as a power, we rather see the movements of the planets in relation to one another, as evidence of the movement within the body of God. Showing how one facet is juxtaposed to another, we'll find it a study of God or a science of the anatomy of the body of God. 

For a more detailed overview of Mystic Astrology click here.

PS187AD Mystic Astrology - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €40.00

A Course in Relationships

All human beings relate. You relate to yourself, to Source, to others and to your environment. Your ability to relate shapes the course and the quality of your life. It determines your health, prosperity, productivity, effectiveness, joy, even whether you will succeed or fail in your goals of life.

In this workshop, Paul explores the depths and heights of relationship to help you learn how to be honest, supportive and successful in your relationships and thus in your life. Topics Include:
- How to Keep Romance Alive
- How and Why Relationships Fizzle
- How to Remove Dogma from Sexuality and Partnership
- What is a Soul Mate and How Can You Find Yours?
- Romance, Ritual, Sexuality and the Mysteries, How Do They Relate to You?
- Sex, Creativity, Spirituality – How to Enjoy it All!
- Sacred Sex - How To Do It..
- The Ultimate Seven-Level Relationship - You Can Have It, But It Is Rare"

For a more detailed overview of A Course In Relationships click here.

PS168AD A Course In Relationships - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €50.00

Talk To Yourself On Purpose
“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Through these lessons, you will learn how to Talk to Yourself on Purpose. Through simple, non-threatening exercises, you will not only learn what you tell yourself (you may be surprised!) but you will learn how to start a new pattern of thinking that will literally take you out of the wilderness of confusion into a new life.

For a more detailed overview of Talk to Yourself on Purpose - click here.

PS164AD Talk to Yourself on Purpose - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €30.00

My Inner Teacher,  My Guardian Angel & My Guide

This amazing workshop is designed for anyone who truly desires to communicate with the Divine Intelligence within. Discover, perhaps for the first time, the silent, always present Inner Teacher, who is on one hand your Guardian Angel, and on the other, a patient Friend who knows the hardships and challenges of life.

For a more detailed overview of My Inner Teacher, My Guardian Angel & My Guide - click here.

PS158AD My Inner Teacher, My Guardian Angel & My Guide - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €20.00


A Healing Consciousness
“If you would be healers...”

A Healing Consciousness, a book and an eight CD set, offers you the time-tested healing experiences of Paul Solomon.  The groundwork for your healing ministry is contained in the 79-page digital book, A HEALING CONSCIOUSNESS. A Compilation of ten years of Paul Solomon Source Readings on healing.The CDs convey Paul's own personal healing experiences, including theses rare discussions:
- Laying of hands healing
- Hot and cold therapy
- Effect of music on healing
- Using healing herbs
- Healing through dreams
- Paul’s personal healing experiences

For a more detailed overview of A Healing Consciousness click here.

PS159AD A Healing Cosciousness with accompanying booklet - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €40.00

A Closer Walk with Jesus

I want to invoke that very real Presence here so you can get to know Jesus not only through the words and descriptions, but through an experience of walking with the Master Himself.

I want to help you look at the life of the master, Jesus, and understand Him as a person, as a friend; a real living Being, instead of a legend from a strange land and a strange time."
Paul Solomon

This eight CD series by Paul Solomon is a very special collection of private stories on the life of Jesus.

For a more detailed overview of A Closer Walk with Jesus - click here.

PS169AD A Closer Walk with Jesus - INSTANT AUDIO DOWNLOAD €40.00

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