The Paul Solomon Self-Esteem Survival Kit

An innovative program for building confidence...

There is simply nothing else quite like it available anywhere. The kit combines the very best of Paul Solomon's time-tested self-esteem and confidence affirmations with scientifically proven subliminal listening and repetitive reading techniques that enable you to achieve the success in life you have only dreamed of!

The Self-Esteem Syrvival Kit is a truly revolutionary program that helps break through the negative social and family conditioning that leads to poor self-image, substance abuse, co-dependancy, marital problems and business failure. If you've never had supportive statements made about yourself, here is the survival kit that may save your life.

How is this possible?

This life changing program works directly with your subconscious mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps, which creates your dreams, and often makes you act in ways you do not comprehend. Eight CDs help change past negative programming by:

- Applying the ancient art of mantramic/repetition of supportive words and phrases to restructure the thinking process.

- Eliminating and erasing self-defeating negative beliefs and attitudes about yourself, your body and your actions.

- Overcoming automatic pilot emotional reactions.

- Changing fear thoughts into Life-supporting thoughts, the secret for building your new self-image.

- Effortlessly persuading your subconscious self-talk to support your life and goals.

- It coulden't be easier! A healthy self-image occours naturally as your conscious and subconscious thoughts are supported by your loving self!

How The Program Works

- Initial instruction CD and the Self-Esteem Survival Kit introduction.

- Each of the Seven Bija Scrolls* are listened to and read three times a day for fourty days.

- Total lenght of the program is 280 days.

- It is most effective use is during sleep.

Track one on each CD contains audible and subliminal, track two is subliminal only.

* The Sanscrit word, Bija, literally means seed or "seed-thoughts."

A Brief Outline of the eight CD set

CD 1 Introduction & the Self-Esteem Discovery CD

Instruction of how to use The Self-Esteem Survival Kit. Discover self-esteem and why a healthy self-image is vital to success
in marriage, child care, career, job performance, diplomacy and virtually every endeavor imaginable. (Audible & Subliminal)

CD2 Bija Scroll I - My Heart is a garden

Strengthen your determination, your commitment and your will with dozens of ultra-positive seed thoughts for growth in your
new life. Decide to take charge of the thoughts that affect your actions. Establish good habits which are the keys to success.
Powerfully reinforced by dozens of subliminal affirmations. (Environmental Sounds & Wind Chimes)

CD 3 Bija Scroll II - My emotions are Mine to enjoy

Affirmations include: My emotions will be approached gently and repeatedly until they are tame. Nothing can make me
unhappy, angry, despondent, or fearful unless I give it power and authority to do so. In the presence of anger I will not respond
in kind. I will yield like a willow tree, and they will feel the gentle breeze of my caring. (Environmental Sounds & Wind Chimes)

CD 4 Bija Scroll III - Listening to Myself

Affirmations include: I hear what I say to myself. I am learning to tell myself the truth. When I am tempted to defend myself, I
will reassure the frightened child in me. When I am moved to anger, I will instill peace. Love and its power rule my thoughts
and my life. (Environmental Sounds & Wind Chimes)

Tape 5 Bija IV - I Am Loved

Affirmations include: When I feel loved, I find little need for applause and approval. When I am loved, I do not have to be right.
When I feel loved, I am motivated to do loving things. I wish to love and be loved. I accept who and what I am. I forgive those
who do not and perhaps cannot love me. (Environmental Sounds & Wind Chimes)

CD 6 Bija Scroll V - I Greet this day with a Commitment to Love

Affirmations include: There is no power or force greater than Love. Love is my most effective tool for communication. No one
can defend against it. Love will conquer my adversary and make him my friend. Love will shine in my eyes and bring a smile to
my lips. (Environmental Sounds & Wind Chimes)

CD7 Bija Scroll VI - Confidence is Mine

I am confident beyond all bounds, for confidence is the unbridled child of my new self-esteem. When I feel good about myself,
I am radiant. In the face of challenge, I forget my woes, and hear only self-assurance. The charisma I plant today is the
success I harvest tomorrow. For as long as there is breath in me I will persist in confidence. (Environmental Sounds & Wind

CD 8 Bija Scroll VII - I am at Peace with Myself

The art of serenity is the best kept secret in the universe, a paradox sublime I shall understand today. I am relaxed, my
thoughts are still, and I am at peace with myself. Though the world bustles about me, and all else is in disarray, in this moment
I am at peace. (Environmental Sounds & Wind Chimes)

Change Your Self Talk, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life...

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The Story of The 40 Bijas as Channelled by Paul Solomon for his students.

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The Seven Bija Scrolls

1. My heart is a garden

2. My emotions are mine to enjoy

3. Listening to myself

4. I am loved

5. I Greet this day with a comitment to love

6. Confidence is mine

7. I am at peace with myself

The Self-Esteem Survival Kit
is available as an eight CD set accompanied by a work book to guide your experience.

The Self-Esteem Survival Kit 8 CD set €74.95 + S&H

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