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Paul Solomon Audio & Video Clips
Paul gave many lectures and workshops, in addition to his thousands of of personal Readings. Here are some audio and video clips for you to enjoy and reflect upon. Pauls full lectures and workshops are available in the CDs & Books section for purchase.

Paul Solomon Video Clips courtesy of Daniel Emmanuel on his Wisdom of Solomon Site
These videos are of Paul Solomon giving a Source Reading during trance. They are from the personal video collection of David Solomon that were recorded during different tours with Paul Solomon in Japan.

Courtesy of Daniel Emmanuel at his Wisdom of Solomon web site - Click here to view the videos.

NEW Video Courtesy of Daniel Emmanuel. A lecture given by Paul at the Carmel Temple, Pasadena, Texas in 1990 called Love & Healing - Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Paul Solomon - Myths & Mysteries of the Bible, Part 1 - Click Here

Paul Solomon - Myths & Mysteries of the Bible, Part 2 - Click Here

Paul Solomon - Relationships, Sex & Marriage, Part 1 - Click Here

Paul Solomon - Relationships, Sex & Marriage, Part 2 - Click Here

Paul Solomon - A Planetary Mystery School
Extracts from the work of Paul Solomon
Edited and Compiled by Mary Siobhan McGibbon

A New Medical Paradigm

Going for God:
Answering Life's Biggest Questions through the Source of the Sleeping Prophets
by Myles Blynn Tufts

A Presentation by Myles Tufts given at the A.R.E New York

"If you Change the way you think it will change the way you act, when you change the way you act it will change the way people treat you. When you change the way other people treat you, you're free." 

Karmic Destiny
Here is a brief audio excerpt from the Teaching which demonstrates the importance of us all individually meeting our karmic responsibilities.

Make a Difference
Some words from Paul on making a difference in our world.

How to evaluate a Psychic Reading
How to recognize when guidance actually is from Universal consciousness or the Mind of God.

Angels and Earthworms
The battle of Armageddon...

Collective Consciousness
The peoples consciousness reflected in our government.

The Great Seal
Forever facing towards the image of peace.

Can prayer only be used for God's Will?

Prayer already exists inside all of us.

Prayer does not have to be "Relegious" - the Spiritual Laws are Universal Laws.

I'm talking to You!

Paul Solomon Video Clips
We will be adding more videos of Paul as we are able to have them remastered and converted into DVD, so please check back often for new clips.

In this fifty five minute "Vibrations" radio show interview, made on 30th October 1981 in Houston, Texas with Scott Cluthe, Paul covers many interesting topics. In this two minute clip, Paul talks about what happens during one of his workshops. How to turn off the conscious mind, how to set the left brain, rational, logical thinking aside. Awaken the right brain, intuitive, imaginative thinking. Learning to think by listening rather than by thinking by a logical sequence of thoughts.

The full DVD, "Paul Solomon Vibrations Radio Interview" is available for purchase in the CDs & Books section.

Click here for the Windows Media Player version.

Click here for the Real Player version.


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