An Introduction to The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source

“The message is: there is a Great Power that can be tapped and can be experienced by anyone.”

These are the words of Paul Solomon, one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time. Internationally known as a teacher, prophet, healer, minister and humanitarian, Paul Solomon made contact with his Super-conscious Mind after experiencing a “dark night of the soul.” Paul Solomon could "view the body" at a distance, make accurate diagnosis and suggest treatment that saved lives.

During his lifetime he gave over 1,400 readings on topics such as Soul Growth, Altered States of Consciousness and Awareness, Ancient Mystery Traditions and Arcane Knowledge, Comparative Religion, Sacred Scripture, Qabalah, Universal Law, Holistic Healing and many other facets of human existence. Answers to almost every conceivable subject are available through The Paul Solomon Source Readings and lectures. 

His gift of being able to communicate clearly the essence of universal principles, both ancient and modern, has inspired people all over the world to find their uniqueness, thus "re-membering" their own connection to Source.

“The Source Readings, impressive as they are, are only a means of revealing what lies beyond the words and beyond the wisdom. They are great only if they give you a glimpse of their Source.  If they cause you to see the Source, then they have succeeded. If they cause the Source to be awakened within you, then they’ve really done what they are supposed to do.”

Paul Solomon

This Compilation of Books One to Thirteen is a comprehensive collection of all of Paul's Source Readings from December 15,1993 – March 13, 1972.

It is presented in PDF format to allow for easy viewing on most devices and is fully searchable.

The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source
Books One - Thirteen Compilation Adobe PDF Download €100.00

We are delighted to publish this compilation of all of Paul's Thirteen Books as an instant downloadable, searchable PDF.

As with the 13 physical books, each reading has been reproduced in its entirety ensuring the integrity of the readings and their content. The PDF compilation has a clickable high level Book Index (As shown below) to allow for quick access to a specific book or period of time. Subsequently a short index is then provided at the front of each book to enable the reader quick access to the different topics mentioned in each individual reading; a more detailed word index is also available at the back of each book.

Also by utilizing the "find" and "advanced find" features within the Adobe Reader product, the reader can search the entire compilation quickly and comprehensively.

Should you need a copy of Adobe Reader, it is available free at the following official Adobe sites, click on your computer format to download a copy:

Windows Version

Apple Version

And... a sincere thank you to all those who have supported the foundation, your generous donations and words of support make it possible to continue the work of making Paul's work current and available. We hope you enjoy this compilation and we look forward to continuing to publish more of Paul's work over the coming months and years.

The Paul Solomon Foundation

The Readings of the Paul Solomon Source

Books One to Thirteen


Book 1
December 15, 1993 - May 22, 1992

Book 2
May 22, 1992 - September 23, 1991

Book 3
September 22, 1991 - June 9, 1990

Book 4
May 29, 1990 - March 16, 1988

Book 5
March 15, 1988 - October 27, 1983

Book 6
September 1983 - July 12, 1977

Book 7
July 7, 1977 - March 25, 1976

Book 8
March 25, 1976 - July 8, 1975

Book 9
July 8, 1975 - Febuary 26, 1975

Book 10
February 25, 1975 - May 11, 1974

Book 11
May 1974 - September 12, 1973

Book 12
September 12, 1973 - March 1973

Book 13
March 1, 1973 - March 13, 1972


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