20th March 2023


Day after day, I drag my sorry ass outta bed, slug down a cuppa joe strong enough to fire up a Chrysler Hemi engine, then head straight online for the morning’s hot-off-the-press news headlines. How will this week’s friggin’ insane bloody circus compare to last week’s friggin’ insane bloody circus, I ask myself? Like you, I suppose, it takes at least two more mega-mugfuls of caffeine either to be shocked in blind animal rage or to be numbed into a lobotomized daze by what pops up on the screen. I scroll through a smorgasbord of human-engineered catastrophes and atrocities, everything from the usual (nowadays) homicides and egregious violence to climate change, terrorism, mass murders, war in Ukraine, genocide in regions of Africa and the Far East … the list is nearly endless. My eye lands on a ‘Breaking News Flash’: “According to high-level sources, ongoing sectarian violence, terrorist activity, and wars that have dominated the Middle East for the past 5,000 years have not, as of yet, been brought to an end today and in fact have grown worse since yesterday. We’ll keep you updated.” (Now with at least five breaking news updates every hour, the word ‘Breaking’ seems to have lost all its panache.)

Mercifully, like most other people who’ve become deaf to the steady drumbeat of hatred and violence that pretty much predate all of human civilization and that’s consumed the same five-million square mile area since the days of primordial soup, my eyes glazed over it all and I fell into a detached stupor. Of all the Pandemonium Magnitude levels of crises on the ‘Everything’s Going To Hell’ scale of disasters, at least with this one I had time to finish my donut and coffee before anything got settled. After all, I thought, the odds of me getting knocked off my couch by a killer asteroid were higher by far than living to see the day when Jews and Muslims had learned to share. Share anything more than blood-soaked headlines, that is, headlines about explosions, machine-gunning crowds, religious death-cults that manipulate children into suicide attacks on innocents, economic deprivation, religious intolerance and wars, race-based subjugation, and needless human tragedy that, barring an asteroid attack, will continue to be generated equally by both sides well beyond their children’s children’s future. And as my tolerance level keeps rising, my eyes glaze over with each new act and image of bloody violence and revenge and the chain reaction which follows. Revenge breeds revenge that breeds revenge without end.

Before any of my readers start casting stones at my apathetic carcass, however, I would only point out that there are none of us nowadays without a considerable degree of weary indifference, not only toward the unmitigated suffering in the Middle East but even toward acts of savagery and atrocity much closer to home. What had long been considered a normal reaction of anger, outrage, or empathy --- feelings traditionally elicited by the suffering of others --- is very nearly a thing of the past. Massacres, mass killings, school shootings, now an almost daily occurrence, no longer provoke any response beyond a dismissive yawn, or if they do at all, the shock quickly passes, and they’re soon forgotten with the next mass killing. And with the skyrocketing violent crime rates reported hourly in the news media combined with the continued merging of gratuitous bloodshed and brutality in the entertainment media, reality is blended almost seamlessly into fantasy, further numbing us to its real-world effects.

At this point you're probably thinking, I’m only on my first cup of morning coffee and already I’ve been indignantly poked in the chest and accused of being some sorta heartless, don’t-give-a-damn meathead. Well, before you hit the ‘escape’ tab on your laptop, maybe swap your coffee for something a bit stiffer, something like a Texas mickey, say, because there’s more. Now hear me out.

The vision that we once all shared of a “better world” has grown dimmer through the years as the god-like powers now in the hands of psychoneurotic dictators have surpassed our knowledge of how they should be used and the vision of the catastrophes which they could easily bring about have grown more and more apparent to us all. And the more, it seems, that the fateful possibilities of their use through terrorism or state-sponsored aggression loom before us, the more we shrink from their contemplation. After all, what are we as mere microscopic pawns in the whole vast hierarchy of larger-than-life powers to do? Write a lousy blog? The very fact that our benumbed indifference to the barbarism, brutality, and chaos that surrounds us is a sign of the times in which we live is itself enough to demonstrate how casually we approach what is, as the Solomon Source tells us, the greatest threat to the future of humankind:

“Do you not see in this moment the fulfilment of prophecy that brother shall take up arms against brother? Does it not happen in this day with those activities in the Middle East even to where you go now to worship in this time of gathering? Are there not cousins, brothers, here in your country (United States) --- brothers to those slaying of your own brothers, sisters, cousins, families --- does it not occur to you that it has been spoken that brother will take up sword against brother in this last day? There is coming and all too soon upon you a world-wide war. As it begins as skirmishes between borders and such of small countries, it begins to pull into the battle activity, the war activity, the allies of those countries, and more and more the dividing line between the two warring factions will be primarily based on ethnic and religious factors. Meaning, that those of the nations of Islam about the world wherever they exist will become one faction, and the other side the Christians, Jews, and many other faiths … including those without religion, no particular religious interest. But as this shall be considered a holy war, particularly by the Islamic World, it will take on overtones of an ethnic and religious battle. And you will see bloodshed as has never occurred on this planet.”

It would appear from what the Source tells us that the Middle East is a powder keg ready to blow with its devastating effects ripping to and through every nation on the planet. Save for a few starry-eyed Valium junkies, I’d guess we’d all say that that was more predictable than not. But before any of us starts digging a mile-deep, lead-lined subterranean vault for our families and our beer-drinking bubba cousins, it might be less backbreaking and more edifying if we were to dig further into the Source Readings instead. Besides, before you log me out, you’ll probably at least want to know where you fit into this picture. So, in an effort to make some sense of the all-pervasive senselessness of our times, I went to my giant box filled with Source Readings.

One should always, I suppose, use a certain amount of caution in opening any box when you don’t know what kind of mystifying and sharp-toothed things you’re going to find inside. But this was no Pandora's box. Within this box was contained a limitless vision which in turn was capable of opening me to the mysteries locked within my own mind. I dug through and what I found there provided me with an entirely unique perspective on the shape of things to come, unique because it turned everything, I was looking at outside-in. From the Source Readings I was given to understand that these are the ‘end times’ or ‘last days’ of the earth as we’ve known it. It’s a time of testing or tribulation for what’s to follow. I think we all at least suspected as much. But it all emanates not from the insane bloody circus that surrounds us all but from the relentless and unceasing struggle within myself (within all our selves) which has always shaped or deformed my experience of the world. From the moment of my very first breath, all that I knew seemed to be everywhere at war with all that I felt and sensed. Try as I might, the two halves of my brain, the emotional (feeling) part and the intellectual (thinking) part, could never be made to coalesce. I could never either feel as my intelligence told me that I should feel or think as my emotions would have had me think. I was always reduced to mocking my torn and divided self. Though complexes and ductless glands helped somewhat to explain things from a scientific perspective, it wasn’t until I came across this passage that all those symbols of the ineffable that I had long since ceased to believe in came alive again to illuminate for me not only the conflict within myself but universally, the conflict that spills out into the deadly human drama of fear and enmity and war itself:

“Let us look at the struggle within mankind that comes not only between the sons of Ishmael and Israel, but even as early as the sons of Adam, of Cain and Abel, being the side of the will or the logic [Cain], and the side of the inspiration [Abel], or the connectedness with the Source, for was it not Abel born first? And was not first thought always the result of inspiration, of listening to the Source of Light? Is this not where thinking came into the mind? But the jealous second son [Cain] was the slayer of this receptor of the knowledge of the Source [Abel], jealous of its right to bring forth from the earth its own knowledge and discovery, the need for independence, for separation from God, and even from self. The opportunity to be separate, distinct, brought into self, into mankind --- brought controversy, brought conflict. And so created an evolution of the literal thinking organ, or the brain, into two parts, so that it has fought with self against its own interests for the centuries. And it is so symbolized by these two peoples [Israel and the Arab Nations], who live in a land in which you have that lake [Galilee], the river [Jordan], and the Dead Sea, which are the inscription on the earth of the pattern, the form of the lowest point in man and the highest, the flow of the river of life, the Jordan, [which represents] the Kundalini [force], lying on the one side. And on the other [side] these two hemispheres of self-have not come to understand the oneness, the unity of self as yet. And until this occurs in the consciousness of the individual, it will not occur between these two nations. And until these two nations become one, so individual mankind will remain separated within the self. One aside from the other. One process of thought from the other, conflicting with one another --- separation from self, separate from Source.”

We, each of us, carry within us the entire history of the human race. Can a drop of water ever separate itself, even for a moment, from the stream’s distant source? And we each carry the burdens, the karmic baggage, and the obligations of the entire race. So, after the Great Fall, how does one put Humpty-Dumpty together again? How do we join the two sides of the brain into a single undivided functioning organ capable of once more receiving inspired truth? In fact, the means, aptitude, and capability for receiving truth have always been there, even if our faith in our abilities to interface with it has not. Simply by silencing all external stimuli and quieting the mind of it’s conditioned self-talk, we open ourselves to the inner Presence of our Source:

“The culture, the race, has taught you to accept limitations and you find them perfectly natural. Your natural state is the state of the Father, the state that Jesus Christ experienced on this earth. The natural state of man is that which He demonstrated for you and to settle for less is a lack of belief. Again and again the scriptures speak: ‘Believe in this name, this experience of the Christ.’ Then what is belief? Believe that He told you that you have these capabilities even as I have these capabilities, and to experience less is to experience a lack of belief. Begin to believe differently, for you do not believe that your thinking can be more adequate. You have the ability to believe that another’s thinking can and that Christ’s could. ‘Except ye believe, you shall not in no wise enter the Kingdom.’ That is spoken. Begin to apply belief in that manner and be lifted to a new expression of that that you are and can be.”

“There is inherent within you a portion of yourself which … is a seed of your Source that desires to germinate and to bear
roots, and boughs, and fruit --- to grow and to mature into that possible being, that one you could be, who through complete harmony would be an expression of the highest and the best that you might have the potential to express in the earth. In moments of quiet and peace, there is often a consciousness in your heart of the existence of such a seed. It is the nourishment and the awakening of this seed of source which allows and causes the experience known as ‘regeneration’, ‘metamorphosis’, ‘transformation’, and ‘the new birth’. [Now] if you can withhold the constant chatter of the mind and rest it in moments of meditation, then you can clearly hear the voice that comes from the Source of man, the creative Source, the Presence of God. There are several reasons why most men do not recognize this ability and think it unusual. It has been thought that no one particular man could actually hear the presence of God, The thought is based on the idea that man is insignificant, particularly in such numbers as are on the earth to have a direct link with the consciousness of God. It is often thought egotistical and selfish. Do understand that it is not because of the importance of one individual, yourself or another, that you have the opportunity to speak with God. It is not man’s greatness; it is God’s greatness that He can speak with so many as will listen at one time.”

Temporarily suspending the limited while opening to the unlimited. Duck soup, I thought to myself. In my case, knowing that the universe was made for no one but me would no doubt foster an enduring sense of sheer egotism and superiority. That’s just me. But no, the Source tells us, that’s not how it works. For within the mind of the self there is the You of you, a greater non-assertive higher teacher than the physical brain-mind, one who is the impersonal expression of God in you. It is God manifest in human form. So we’ve been instructed: “Ask, and you will know. Knock. The door shall be open. Seek. You will find.” And once that door is open, that ongoing communication between you and your Source will gradually allow “the two hemispheres of the brain to build neurons and synapses across the crown rather than at the base, rather than through the corpus callosum, rather than from neocortex to neocortex,” explains the Source. “As the fluids allow for the exchange of electricity and vitality, there is first the integration of the brain. But more importantly from the opening of the crown chakra, which is the standing upright of the master gland, you will experience not only brain synchronization or brain integration, but more importantly, brain transcendence.” 

From this it follows, then, that the creative power of the universe, the power of life itself, bestows Itself upon whomever of you would receive it and, according to the Source, through you it could in fact raise the consciousness of the entire race of mankind closer to the expression of the Source of creation. The power of creation, the power of life, is nothing less than Love itself in manifestation. The transformation of hate and aggression into kindness and compassion, of destructiveness into life-affirming love that becomes a capacity for embracing otherness and for begetting a love that breeds love that breeds more love without end, ever widens the circle of human fellowship and accord. Precisely out of this sense of abundance and fullness comes the readiness to embrace the Divine in each other and in all of creation. Instead of withdrawing from conditions and circumstances that produce aggression and fear, love risks everything, even life itself, for the sake of a more complete engagement with that which lies outside it and beyond it. Although we seem to have developed in these past four centuries a more sterile, loveless world of mechanized efficiency for all things hostile to life and now capable, if our compulsive irrationalities increase, of destroying one another and bringing all life to an end, even one individual linked with the primacy of his/her Source could carry the burden of mankind’s salvation into its rebirth into a New Earth. Even one! But that one would not be you. And clearly not me. Not me because on a scale ranging from the beasts to the gods, I’m somewhere down near furniture. And not you either, because you’d probably be too damn busy lifting others up before you’d ever think to lift yourself.

Let me ask you a question. If you were an Edmund Hillary-type explorer/mountaineer and had struggled to the very crest of the world ’s tallest unconquered mountain, would you climb past one less capable and struggling companion simply for the glory of being the first? Or would you be willing to stop and help a fellow climber while others passed by to reach the summit before you? Try this: Imagine that you’ve spent countless lifetimes freeing yourself from the anxieties and attachments of physical life and that after striving many long millennia you’ve at long last reached the very last step toward attaining the highest and purest state of transcendental enlightenment. You're so very close that you can almost smell the fragrance, taste its sweet nectar. Would you have the audacity and selfless courage to step aside and sacrifice it all to let a poor spiritual beggar, alms bowl in hand, take your place?

I know the answer. Not me. No way in hell. Of course, this is not a one-answer-fits-all kind of question. But those who love God, serve God through the freedom of their own heart by re-creating the world in the likeness and vision of God. How? Their first impulse is always to fulfil another’s highest impulse, and they in turn to fulfil another’s, and they yet others in an endless awakening of consciousness that a new world in the likeness and vision of God will come to be. In that way, God works through their hands and emerges from their deeds to create a new world suitable in His eyes for His beloved children. God's only commandment is love, and to love others as ourselves. Why? Personally, I’m not sure. Do they really deserve it? It seems to me that if God in all His infinite power and wisdom wanted me to stop spouting off and demonizing others, He would have given me the slightest bit of empathy necessary to do so. He chose not to. So, who’s right here? I do recall an old Hasidic tale once told to me by a Jewish nuisance who presumably thought it might lighten me up some and at least improve my relationship skills. After all, if God created me without any sensitivity, then He made others the way they are, too. Just plain stupid. So, who am I to judge? Maybe I'm the dumbass here. But I digress. Maybe if I just shared the tale, you’d get the point:

A disciple asked Rabbi Shmelke: “We are commanded to love our neighbour as ourself. How can I do this, if my neighbour has wronged me?”

The rabbi answered: “You must understand these words aright. Love your neighbour like something which you yourself are. For all souls are one. Each is a spark from the original soul, and this soul is wholly inherent in all souls, just as your soul is in all the members of your body. It may come to pass that your hand makes a mistake and strikes you. But would you then take a stick and chastise your hand, because it lacked understanding, and so increase your pain? It is the same if your neighbour, who is of one soul with you, wrongs you for lack of understanding. If you punish him, you only hurt yourself.”

The disciple went on asking: “But I see a man who is wicked before God, how can I love him?”

“Don’t you know,” said Rabbi Shmelke, “that the original soul came out of the essence of God, and that every human soul is a part of God? And will you have no mercy on him, when you see that one of his holy sparks has been lost in a maze, and is almost stifled?”

I was beginning to get the point. It is thus that the reality of a new world becomes contingent upon a compatibility with God’s will that there be a unity of all men and all nations in accordance with His Holy Law.

In pursuit of human unity, it’s to be understood that in this time of end time trial there will be either one world or no world, either one humanity or none, and the Source tells us that the nation of Israel holds the key to the world's fate. In the Mishnah Sanhedrin we read that if a man has caused a single soul to perish, it is as though he had caused a whole world to perish, and if he has saved a single soul, it is as though he had saved a whole world. And in the words of the Source, that would be the task now set before us:

“... until my brother is raised to a higher plane, I cannot manifest on higher planes. Therefore, there is a universal law that requires that we raise our brothers around us. Then when we are healed, we share our healing. Those vibrations that are raised within us we share with others. We seek not to be more spiritual or the more enlightened one, but we seek to be that channel of enlightenment that would raise our entire race a little closer to the Godhead. For without the evolvement of the entire universe, or this world, or this level of manifestation, there cannot be the evolvement of a single soul, not an atom of the universe --- you are the universe! This is the Law of One. In the understanding of the bringing all together there is the understanding of self.”

There is a task ahead of us, there is a binding law that compels us, and there is a way forward. The task is the redemption of ourselves and our world, the law is to love our brothers and sisters as ourselves, and the way is for the stronger to first lift the weaker, making the first last and the last first, such that we can lift all of us as one. Does that make any sense?

But ask yourself, does the world as we know and experience it today function on the basis of common sense? Or, God forbid, on the love of our fellow man? Let’s get real. We in America are a nation divided in a world divided solely on the basis of self-interest into a multitude of competing armed and angry camps. And in the Middle East, any faint shaft of daylight has departed as the storm clouds of hatred, intolerance, despair, and revenge continue to intensify, threatening us all. Face it, we are not going to dodge this bullet. But the numbers of folks such as yourselves are indeed growing, “not so many, not so many in this moment as can maintain that integrity to which they aspire,” observes the Source. “But the thought, the aspiration is becoming a motivational force, building in increments so that the building becomes a living movement. And when with that commitment to integrity, and with the increasing understanding of the peoples and the nations that there are interactions and relationships which work, which are supportive, which are preferable because of the harmonious results they bring, when love is introduced by the Beloved as is being taught even now, when that power begins to replace fear, when that thought of commitment to integrity shall reach a critical mass, then shall those who have made that commitment find themselves able even to keep that commitment, to maintain it. And so, as recognition of love, security, confidence as a power, a force, a support of life, reaches as well a critical mass, then shall we have these forces for change which will allow the Christ for His own ....”

Now that makes sense.

Mo Chara.

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7th March 2023


It felt as though my being had split in two, diverging along parallel but separate streams of reality. While one aspect of my consciousness remained fully wedded to the five earthly senses of the flesh, another had veered off into realms that seemed to vibrate on a hyper-non dimensional plane altogether different from the three spatial dimensions observable in our physical world. It was a level of existence entirely formless and peacefully free of all fear and conditioning, the kinds which I could now see had so thoroughly narrowed and warped my own dualistic consciousness still rooted in my physically polarized nature below. It was like ‘everything everywhere all at once’. But it all seemed to beg the question, what was I doing in the body of a beast? Why did I come here in the first place? And given the alternative now laid bare before my mind’s eye, why would I ever want to? Was there something about this physical form, something that can’t be known or felt or encountered when the flesh is no longer a factor in one’s existence? It required a total recalibration of my now bifurcated senses as to who or what I actually was. I’m like, ‘Whoa there, man, slow down.’ My mind was being blown away by the whole freakin’ affair.

It was maybe ten years ago. I was engrossed in what they call a lucid dream, awake but still fully aware that I was dreaming even as the subjective reality of my own consciousness fluctuated randomly between differing and incompatible states of awareness. It tapped into my strangest imagination and stirred my emotions … and I was soakin’ it all up like a giant barrel sponge. As I lay there watching it all unfold, the floating orbs of my subconscious mind took me back up to the event horizon of my higher being. In my waking dream state, I was reminded of Zhuangzi’s great doubt: “Am I a man who dreams of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?” Indeed, was I a spirit dreaming my existence as a being of flesh, or a man dreaming of himself as spirit? Maybe everything is a dream, I thought to myself. Has my whole multifaceted existence with all its rich and intensely personal ideas, feelings, and convictions, more than a half-century of vivid and varied joys, heartaches, hopes, and fears been reduced to … this? Maybe the whole vast tapestry of cosmic time and space is only a dream … in my mind? or in the mind of something far beyond what I could ever dream? At that moment I honestly didn’t know. Every single remaining facet of my individual identity had been abrasively and gracelessly swept aside, taking with it the last faint echo of my singularly original essence from time’s eternal memory.

I awoke suddenly, finding myself back in my bed at what then seemed to me in my still lingering altered reality like five hours earlier than when I had fallen asleep. I hesitantly looked around the room, double-checking to make sure my half-filled ashtray was where I left it. Yep. The high-pitched sound of my hamster, Muffin, on his squeaky wheel, the half-eaten fly-covered pizza from the night before, all confirming for me that I was back in terra familiaris. But what th’ hell was that all about, I asked myself? And what was it telling me? Then it hit me. Of course, I said, slapping my forehead. Reading the writing on the wall, it was my subconscious’ way of telling me the obvious! This. Is. Your. Last. Day. On. Earth. Panic set in. Clearly, it was no longer from my undivided state but from the narrower, more personal, more impoverished fear-based state of my raw nature that that fateful thought was rendered. By tomorrow morning my ship will have sailed … into that Great Bermuda Triangle in the sky. It’s one thing to have your life cut short on the verge of blossoming into retirement. That’s bad enough. But to be given a screen test first? That’s like off-the-charts crazy! And if the dream itself was nothing but a delusion, it was at least as lucid, as vividly present, and as terribly potent as those other delusions which have shaped or deformed the human spirit. Try as I might, I could not give myself any logical reason for preferring them over my own powerful and arresting experience.

If freedom from the intolerable disharmony between ourselves and the natural world around us, indeed the universe, is ever to be realized, a willing suspension of all conditioned belief, the belief in fear being the most powerful and compelling, must first be attained. Other than a few lonely monks who’ve reached such a plateau, most people instinctively assume that what they’re told and taught to be true is true, and they never give up their socially conditioned beliefs unless experience in some form compels them to do so. Societies cannot long survive without their standards, traditions, customs, mores, ethos, that is, all their pre-established forms of cultural agreement, being deeply etched into the brain cells of each successive generation lest they lapse into complete anarchy. And yet freedom, not the kind that allows you to perv out on digital porn or to carry a loaded assault rifle in public, but true freedom from all the false and spurious value attachments that frame our view of reality, is an existential danger to the stability and continuity of society. In my case, I was at least momentarily the recipient of a transcendental awareness (dream?) that, by virtue of the unconditioned nature of the state itself, nourished such complete freedom.

But me? Dead? I was too damn old to die. Looking back from my current state of fossilized immortality it was an utterly presumptuous and blatantly premature sentiment, but back then I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. I’m told that even in their wildest hallucinations, no one can. Even in the most cavernous quarters of the psyche’s self-awareness, envisioning one’s own state of nonexistence is literally impossible. Try it. So I began to mentally prepare myself, just in case. And to do so I turned to the Solomon Source. There was no more reliable, trustworthy, and unimpeachable source . What I found was nothing short of mind-blowing even to my then self-aggrandizing, blindly hubristic unblowable mind. (And believe me, I knew me better than anyone.) It said in these exact words:

"It might be established and must be established that the human body which never, ever, ever experiences a single thought of fear can never die. Only fear can kill the human body. Only fear, and absolutely nothing else! Nothing else is capable of causing death to a physical body. These bodies were made, they were [genetically] designed for eternal renewal. They were designed with systems for resisting any form of invasion, any form of attack, even accident. They were designed to renew and rebuild themselves quite automatically. However, they thrive on a vitality which has become so unknown to man that the closest word for the description of this vitality is perhaps Agape, Love, Unconditional Love. If the body is filled with thoughts of both love, confidence, and absolute lack of fear, the body physical will renew itself through eternity and will absolutely never die."

So, I thought, maybe I can still beat this rap. But despite what I regarded as the remarkable purity of my character, a closer, more detailed reading of the passage told me otherwise. No fear? Ever? Which brought immediately to mind memories of that rugged, lantern-jawed son of Satan, Harry Lanham, a guy with no visible sense of empathy toward any living creature. A guy with a massive chip on his shoulder who’d belittle, intimidate, and pummel senselessly for hours at a time kids he knew were too submissive to fight back. Why, thinking back to the days, would anyone want to bring children into a world with Harry Lanham in it? And now, since he became a cop, we haven’t yet learned the full scope of his power. Maybe, before the end of this millennium, we’ll have defeated all the Harry Lanhams so that the meek and submissives might actually inherit the earth. But wait, I thought, probing the text further. What about this unconditional love business? Where’s that fit in? Everything I just said about war and revenge fairly doomed me to the psychic impotence of my mortality and the final simultaneous dissolution of my mind and body. I could feel myself growing ever older the more of the Source that I read. Looking at my pile of empty beer cans, it all began to register. Given the time I had left, no efforts at self-improvement at this point would be sufficient to justify the expense of my time and sweat. If I was to be the Grim Reaper’s next lab rat, then I had to put myself right up there with the rest of the world’s neurotics and simply bite that bullet.

But what exactly is it that I’d be facing? Even though I’d already auditioned for the production stage of it yet to come, I wanted something of a fuller and more real yet less puzzling depiction than that of, say, ‘Field of Dreams’. Again I turned to the Source for its ability to translate eloquently into words things that surpassed even the understanding of the human intellect and, honestly, it put most of my fears to rest. I was so struck by the simplicity of what It said that I’m sharing it now with all my readers who are of a worthy heart with the hope that the value you yourselves receive from it may be conveyed to yet others. I quote in full:

"We would have you see it in this manner. If we could just create here an extended metaphor, perhaps in this manner:

If you would visualize a group of a few individuals in a pleasant tropical setting on a boat with a view of the beauty of the palms on beach, of the waves on the water, perhaps the beauty of the sky, the clouds, a small island, and those on the boat have made a decision concerning some excitement and experience, a joyous experience. To have the experience, they must strap onto their backs some rather heavy weights, tanks of air, and on their feet instruments which would make walking very difficult on the shore. And before their eyes, tight fitting goggles which do not allow for water to penetrate, and placing in their mouths an instrument to allow them to breathe from the tank, they will then fall over backward, over the edge of the boat and into the water. And having descended below the surface, they will encounter quite a different world, different in every way, different in appearance, in the rate of motion they can experience --- the challenge of maintaining sufficient buoyancy to lift from the bottom, and opportunities to explore the world around them for a limited period of time, knowing that in perhaps an hour and a half, they must return to the world they had left behind. For the time that they are exploring the depths of the coral reefs and the beauty and the dangers, including those of sharks, of moray eels, of other such things of which they must be aware … they explore for a time, and when the air in the tank has run a bit low, they return quite willingly to the surface. And as each boards the boat and removes the heavy and awkward weights which would make it considerably difficult to walk in the world above the water, they shed the heavy instruments, the blinders of goggles, and the flippers on their feet and they talk excitedly about the foregoing experience. And if you can imagine their conversation, they will speak most of the dangers they faced, for these are interesting and have some excitement.

So it is, so very similar, that you and others have left a world where breathing and movement, should it be necessary, are so easy and simple that it requires only a thought to take you to a distant place, without travel, for travel is not involved, but instantly at one place, having thought of it and then at another place in space or time, for you are backward in time with complete freedom. But if one desires the adventure of this world with its atmosphere, one must then put on the equipment which is heavy, cumbersome, awkward, but allows for experience within this atmosphere. The equipment is alien to the individual, and at the beginning of the experience, it is thought of as such.
“I will put on an alien piece of equipment to allow me to function in this environment for a time.” And then with no real sadness on the part of a soul who remembers taking the plunge, as it were, one will return to the surface as the time is completed, and excitedly share the experience of descending into that world with its atmosphere, its environment and its experiences.

And then, the soul will be off to other experiences in other places. Even within your own solar system, there are various schools, this particular school being one of cause/effect relationships, and it is the purpose of putting on the equipment and descending into this world to learn to move physically with force material things with the material body and with senses which communicate of matter and material things. One does not, in putting on this equipment with five senses designed for experiencing a physical world, one does not give up the five subtler senses which already existed for experiencing and exploring a world not of matter, but of images, ideas, and experiences of various kinds. One might visit another of the schools and learn there assertiveness and some sense of boldness and adventure, and in another school, one might review the karma of the soul’s experience for a time. And eventually, a soul, having experienced these schools sufficiently of this system will exit directly through the sun itself and on to other systems somewhat similar.

So we have gone to some length here to say to you that the experience of death will be a great deal similar to removing last year’s overcoat which has become quite heavy and a bit tight, too snug to be comfortable. And shedding the garment, you would feel light and free and breathe more easily. And as your physical body should tumble perhaps to the floor or if you leave it in a hospital bed, then others would gather with some concern and grieve. And you would attempt to reassure them and find to no avail, for they think that you are the body which has stopped breathing and they will forget that they can communicate with you and have through subtler senses on many occasions. And having seen what you have left behind, usually with no particular regret, you will see before you a bright and shining pathway and a bright and shining city, and there you will meet the Lords of Karma and make some decisions of your own. And understand that the decisions will not be imposed. You will be given opportunities to re-experience lessons which you feel incomplete with. And so you, yourself, will design the nature of the karma of the particular lifetime you are about to experience should you return to this particular school of cause/effect. Or you might make a decision to go to one of the other schools to gather a greater understanding, to complete, to flesh out your character and your understanding of yourself and nature.

But in all of this experience for the one experiencing what you call death, this transition would hardly ever seem a tragedy at all, but rather an experience of lightness, freedom and leaving behind something which had become cumbersome, tiring, a bit old and finished with its ability to serve you.

It is quite simple."

So that’s it, I thought to myself, not at all as I had imagined. Quite simple. It’s not that we’re sent wailing our protest into a world which is rebellious to our will and with all its cruelties and complexities in very few respects what we would wish it to be. Rather, the world and all it contains is actually designed for us. We cast ourselves upon its shores in order to learn through cause and effect not only the limitations of our will, but having its hard facts thrust upon our consciousness compels us to abandon one after another certain illusions that temporarily blind us to what only our experience here in the flesh can reveal; that is, the ineffable living Source toward which our own long journey leads. Unlike the world of our origin and return, in this world we’re offered a full buffet of experiences that test our mettle. Where there’s fear, there’s cowardice … and bravery. Where there’s weakness, there’s strength of heart. Where there’s triumph, there’s tragedy. Where there’s cruelty and selfishness, there’s compassion and love. Here, experience does not grow at a constant, but at a vastly accelerated rate. Here, the laws which determine our growth in spirit are dictated by our own choices, and the stupendous opportunities for such growth are endless. It’s no wonder that beings yet in the world of spirit are fired up, anxiously awaiting the opportunity to once again take the plunge into the dramatic world of unlimited possibilities and to rise superior in their souls to whatever outward calamities might befall them. For upon returning to the spirit, there is no despair over the tragedies and tribulations of the flesh. To the contrary, that’s what makes the whole trip worthwhile.

If only that were at the core of our social conditioning, maybe then with that higher understanding of our essential purpose in mind, the entire world might come to reflect the way of the spirit and the new world as foreseen by the Source might come gradually and painlessly into being. But as long as we believe that the only human reality is the human condition, there will be no fundamental change in that condition.

As for me, I’m not dead. Yet. I’m still here, beer in hand, cigarette danglin’, writin’ this damn blog. But when the day does come and my ticket gets punched, I won’t be kickin’ ‘n screamin’. I’ll have the words of the Source to guide me to that great Lake Wobegon in the sky. Or wherever. I’ve been there before.

Mo Chara

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February 2023


People wondering what insights the Solomon Source might have into the state of human affairs today will now have a one-stop resource in transcendental cyberspace. Just stop in at the PSF Cafe for its version of ‘All Things Considered’ where we’ll brazenly, audaciously, and at times mischievously attempt to do precisely what the Source called upon us all to do; that is, to see, to understand, and to respond to the world from the revelatory and enlightened perspective of the Source.

Our purpose, while perhaps Himalayan in its challenge, is to ‘aid and abet’ the Source in the realization of Its ultimate goal, which is the awakening of the consciousness of enough people to achieve the critical mass necessary for changing our civilization’s current trajectory from one of unmitigated destruction to one of peace and responsibility for a living Earth. As the Source Itself tells us, “You are on the brink of death and destruction, but you stand at the same time at a precipice at which you have the power to change the forecast. Yet you stand on the brink and have not much time.” One does not need the limitless vision of a Source to see that it’s the twisted pride, greed, and arrogance of our race that corrupts our being not only within, but turning outward, corrupts also everything that falls under our gaze. If the Doomsday Clock, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ metaphorical measure of challenges to humanity is to be believed, less than one month ago the clock’s hands were for the first time ever reset to seconds rather than minutes, sounding an alarm for the whole of humanity. Echoing the words of the Source, Mary Robinson, former U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, said: “We are on the brink of a precipice. But our leaders are not acting at sufficient speed or scale to secure a peaceful and livable planet.

”The Source tells us not to wait for our leaders to act. (Leaders, we might add, who are more than likely to engage in partisan finger-pointing in an attempt to distance themselves from any real crisis.) We must lift each other if we are to lift all of us a little higher into the Light. If every single blog-crawler who stopped in to read our blog or to visit the PSF website reached out to just one other, and they in turn to one other, and so on ever increasing exponentially, in a relatively short span of time the precipice that now looms monstrously and ominously before us would appear as a far-off pothole no more threatening than a leaky pipe. And as the Blogmeister-in-charge, it’s my solemn intent, applying my understanding of the laws and principles of spiritual truth, and more specifically those of the same bequeathed to us by the Source, to humbly give a leg up to any who wish to lift themselves, and to address subject matters and issues that are of supremely critical importance to us all and to the planet as a whole.

All of this, of course, begs the question, “Who the hell are you,” one might fairly ask, ”that you think you’re so prepared to put yourself into the shoes of the Source?” To which I reply, I ask myself that same question. A lot. My name’s Mo, and I come to you from behind a slag-heap of cigarette butts and empty beer cans. I am merely the tip of the spearhead of more than 6,000 years of irresponsible and totally uninformed opinions, so why me, considering just how slippery a slope the presumption of speaking in the name of the Source really is? Particularly so when I don’t have a real Source or Universal Mind to connect with and to guide me properly? Indeed, to pontificate on such matters as those pertaining to the soul or to the prospects of human fate and fortune would at the very least require an observer freed of any taint or interference from a personal self. Not me. I’m a deeply flawed and unapologetically mediocre individual, on top of which a lot of my readers are probably a lot smarter than I am. My mind has not calculated all futures as has that of the Source. My thoughts have not run down every last tattered thread of human possibility let alone seeing tomorrow’s headlines (although I have an uncanny knack for knowing when I’m low on beer). And I’m not in the market looking for any alternative lifestyle opportunities. With all of this in mind, every single blog crawler on this site should not be left with any reassuring sense of closure on any or all facets of the opinions expressed herein. That’s what the blog’s comments section is for, to express your own feelings, thoughts, and impressions and/or disagreement with what’s been offered.

So why me? To which I answer: (1) Why not me? I’m capable enough I suppose; (2) In a world where people everywhere use Jesus’, Buddha’s, and Mohammed’s names and teachings to build walls instead of bridges and to carry around loaded assault rifles instead of beatin’ ‘em all into plowshares, it’s a thing screaming to be done; and, (3) I was afforded the opportunity and stepped up to the plate. And who knows? Just maybe, given enough time for my words to tumble out across all the wavelengths of high-speed broadband, reaching to the sofas of PC users across the globe, the Source’s message of Truth might just at long last begin to germinate and make for a smoother road ahead for us all. Only, that is, if along the way we can throw a monkey into the wrench of any rival blogs spewing their messages of fear and hatred. A tall order, I know.

For nigh on a decade and counting now, people have been fed an untold number of conspiracy theories and some carefully crafted but nevertheless patently untrue bullshit with zero basis in reality. And a sizable enough minority, sometimes approaching a majority of us, believe every deranged word that comes out of anyone else’s mouth, the more outlandish and extreme, the harder it seems they fall for it. And it’s all irrational fear-based brainwashing and lies. Recall the Heaven’s Gate lunacy where 39 seemingly educated and rational people committed suicide in ‘97 believing that an alien spaceship travelling behind the Hale-Bopp comet would carry their sorry souls to heaven? Want me to repeat that? We may laugh at the sheer stupidity, but now in the free marketplace of social media delusion and hysteria, there are no longer any limits to the ever-growing demand for utterly outrageous and conspiratorial bullshit. Take, for example, the story about high-level Democrats running a child sex ring out of a D.C. pizzeria basement. Millions believed it, so much so that one deluded believer, intending to heroically rescue the poor captive kiddies, actually showed up outside the pizzeria with a rifle in hand whereupon he was met by police. More fear-based grist for the rumor mill. Or the story spread widely on social media about a banana in an Oklahoma Walmart that tested positive for HIV. Out of fear of catching the virus, hordes of people stopped eating bananas and if it weren’t for their near unparalleled success in the commercial crack business, the whole Guatemalan economy would’ve tanked overnight. It doesn’t matter at all what paranoid delusional thing gets posted on Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, or any other social media platform, people read it and without even a moment’s careful hesitation, they choke it down. Whether it be about election fraud, holocaust denial, fake moon landings, Sandy Hook actors, outright ethnic cleansing, or any of the divisive conspiratorial paranoia that any of the sub-rosa QAnon types put out, folks don't have to be wearin’ tin foil helmets to buy into it all. They take to it like hogs rollin’ in warm mud.

The fact is, it’s altered the collective mindset of a considerable proportion of the world’s population who now flush their time away on fear-based drivel. People who are not fully conscious are the ones most susceptible to this kind of thinking which is a pretty sizable chunk of what we know as humanity, which is why the Source states emphatically that fear is the greatest pandemic of this age and time. “Fear and destruction are one and the same,” It states. “That which destroys is fear. Thoughts of fear will destroy the mind and body. Thoughts of fear, thoughts of worry and disharmony will destroy mind, body, spirit, science, technology, environment, the planet itself.” Which is why the Source calls for a lifting of the level of consciousness out of fear and into a power which far exceeds it both in energy and vitality, that being the power from which all of creation was brought forth, the power which holds together the atoms of the universe, the only power which truly sustains us and which if we embody it will carry us back from the brink --- Love itself.

No matter what our race, gender, politics, religion, state of health or wealth, no matter what our perspectives, experiences, and beliefs, we’re all cut from the same cloth. And yet, corruption, crime, immorality, racial animosity, hatred, conflict, wars, division, anomie, all have become endemic to our way of life and to human cultures everywhere around the world. Now that Paul’s no longer with us, who is there really to speak up for the One Law, the One Universal Truth which gives life all meaning? From our very timeless origins, “all that was laid down is the Law of One, the Law of the universe, the spiritual law that deals in concrete reality,” the Source tells us. “Called love or life, called the light or the truth, all of these words are used only to express the nature of the one and only singular force that is available in this life, this universe, and this experience.” And yet out of fear and ignorance we twist this one single life force into a means of empowering fear and hatred in ourselves personally which only compounds in an endless recursion of ever more malicious triumph in the world, setting the stage for what our fears inevitably have in store for us.

As Paul Solomon himself taught us many years ago, “There are only two choices, love or fear. If you serve love, you serve life. If you serve fear, you serve death. By serving fear and death, you remain a slave no matter how free you think you are.” Our purpose in offering this blog is to provide our readers and perhaps many more with the knowledge and means of lifting their own awareness into a consciousness that will shine even in dark places and serve as a beacon of light for yet others until there’s no one left to serve. After that, I’ll buy ya a beer.

Mo Chara.

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