And The Fate of a World Divided

A Message from The Universal Source of Paul Solomon For an Age on the Edge of Apocalypse

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"Into the hands of each of us, therefore, has been placed the future of the entire race. If we are to awaken sufficiently and in time to avoid the wholesale disasters that our own fear and arrogance will soon inflict upon us, then we must first awaken to the truth of One; that is, that the destiny of all of us is at stake in the destiny of every one of us"

W. Alexander Wheeler

W.Alexander Wheeler, Ph.D., is also the author of The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon: Eathward Toward a Heavenly Light

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One need not hear the words of a prophet to know that we stand at the brink of explosive global change unparalleled in the history of the the world. But if we are given the words of a prophet and fail to pay heed, such change can now only lead to the final self-destructive act in the human tragedy.

This book delivers to humanity a message, commissioned by no less than the universal and unlimited Source of all knowledge, wisdom, and vision, critical to the future survival of our world. Like a topographical map that from a "bird's-eye view" indicates to us the path of least resistance, the Source points the way beyond war and violence, greed, and fear and toward a higher transcendental sanity to match the needs of the critical times in which we live - The Way of One.

Given the ever-increasing speed at which we are advancing toward our final destiny, we can ill-afford to defy or ignore the immortal and dramatic vision of truth that is contained within these pages.

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The Way of One