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Paul's extensive collection of lectures and workshops, some more than 10 hours in duration are now available in MP3 format greatly reducing the production and shipping costs.

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In God We Trust...

This reading by Paul Solomon was given nearly 40 years ago on the 4th July 1974.

"As often as these writings can set in motion in the minds of men, pictures, images, ideals of a nation that would refelect the greatest of God, so often these writings have done their work and created those thought forms, those possibilities that give energy to this greater creation."

Paul Solomon Source Reading 0695
July 4, 1974

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Myths & Mysteries of the Bible and Relationships, Sex & Marriage


And remember...“You are an intricate, delicate, complex, fascinating, wonderful creation. Absolutely wonderful. . .  And when you have confidence, feel appreciated and feel loved, you are no longer separated from a God that you feel condemned by, but have a relationship with a God that is proud of what He made, finds it acceptable, and has a love for you. And [having an] understanding of that, [it] opens a channel of communication.” – Paul Solomon

"Every person on this planet needs to know that someone cares." Paul Solomon "Let your light shine until the light has enlightened this globe. The earth is ever a reflection of those who live thereon, and vice versa." Paul Solomon - Send out your prayers and positive thoughts...

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The Paul Solomon Foundation
The goal of the Paul Solomon Foundation is more than the dissemination of the work of a great teacher.

The goal, which lies at the heart of the teachings of Paul Solomon and of teachers and Masters since the beginning of time, is to experience and express our Inner Light, the God Within, and to recognize and encourage that same Light in every person we meet.

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The Paul Solomon Foundation

"All the worlds you seek
lie within

Paul Solomon

Paul Solomon
Paul Solomon - the other American “sleeping prophet” known internationally as a teacher, healer, minister, psychic and humanitarian. He was nominated for his efforts particularly on behalf of the enslaved children and refugees of Thailand, for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

After a Dark Night of the Soul period in his life, Paul made contact with his Superconscious Mind and so began his life’s work. Like Edgar Cayce and Andrew Jackson Davis, who had both made contact with a similar Source, Paul too could “view the body” at a distance, make accurate diagnosis and suggest treatment that saved lives.

Paul traveled the world giving lectures and workshops to hundreds of thousands of people, and at the time of his death in 1994, he had given over 1500 individual trance Readings on nearly every aspect of spiritual growth.

Over the years, Paul shared the spotlight with such leading lights as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Sir George Trevelyan, Buddhist Priestess Tamo San, Dr. Jerry Jampolski, Buckminister Fuller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Founders of the Findhorn Community - Peter and Eileen Caddy, Jean Houston, Sun Bear, Manly Palmer Hall, Marcus Bach and many others...

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